Elgato Video Capture

Every time I get new computer hardware I think “cool, now I can do some video editing”. And every time I discover it’s still a slow and painful process.

Turns out a dual core MacBook Pro is finally enough to handle it nicely… or perhaps it’s just that the software sucks less nowadays.

I bought an Elgato Video Capture USB widget on Amazon (at half the retail price in Australia by the way, even with shipping) and, in the grand tradition of Mac software, it is trivially easy to use. You just:

  • Plug the three RCA jacks into the Video Out from your VCR (or other video source)
  • Plug the USB connector into a spare USB port.
  • Install the software (Drag it from the CD to the Applications folder)

Whatever is coming out of the video device now appears in a window. Press the Big Red Record Button and you are saving your priceless VHS videos and can edit them to your heart’s content.


Anyway, let’s get on with embarrassing the kids. Here’s a snippet from a VHS recording we did at ScienceWorks back in 1994 where they got to play with video special effects.

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