Daily Embuggerances #1211

I've just realised there is no way I can adjust our thermostat for daylight savings without reading the damn manual.

It's about time we ditched these crappy devices and buried them in the same landfill as all the pre Android/iOS phones.

A recent gas outage caused it to mysteriously display a scrolling message that would quickly disappear. It refused to start the heater. A call to the supplier came up with:

Sigh. You need to press J12 while holding down the PROG button while rubbing your stomach anti-clockwise to force a reset.

Sounded like she'd told this story many times.

The consumer electronics industry really needs to get their shit together.

The article below gives you a glimpse of the way it should be done, but I don't see Janine letting me stick a phone on the wall with a USB cable sticking out of it.


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