Watching TV Fries Kid's Brains

I was accidentally exposed to more than a minute of commercial TV the other day and I'm still recovering, so it's no surprise that toddler's malleable minds are mangled by TV.

It seems to be an accelerating spiral to the bottom. As broadcast TV becomes irrelevant, the networks have to pump out cheaper and cheaper dross peppered with ads just to survive.

We now have at least two or three "shopping" channels where they stopped pretending it wasn't about the ads and spew a barrage of hucksters, quacks and loud, fast talking hawkers selling stuff you don't need.

[…shudder…] Quick! Where's the remote….?

Whew! That was close. Got away with only a faint waft of smoke from a few scorched brain cells, and a slight sense of despair for the future of humanity.

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One Extra Hour of TV Reduces Toddlers’ Kindergarten Chances
Each extra hour of TV damages toddlers’ vocab, math and class engagement 3 years later.

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