Just Another Day of Mass Murder

So, thirteen more people are mown down in the US by a high powered weapon and the discussion is all about:

1) Did he use an AR-15 assault rifle.
2) Did he have a mental illness.

Because getting answers to questions like that will ensure it never happens again, won't it. No one dares to even talk about the real elephant in the room.

Twenty school children were blown away only nine months ago and after all the wailing and despair has died down, the effect was…. nothing. Zilch. Zero.

If that didn't change anything, what would it take for people to say Something Has To Be Done and mean it? Perhaps if a gunman went nuts at the Academy Awards and took out all the beautiful people (who everyone thinks they care about) instead of random strangers (who you can pretend you don't care about).

I've never had much time for John Howard, but at least he had the balls to do the right thing when it happened here. Do you think a Conservative leader would do it today? With the rise of redneck, "Hunter and Shooter" pressure groups across the country, I doubt it.

#endarkenment #rant