Mount Buffalo Chalet – 1952

My Dad asked me to scan some photos taken when he was working as a maintenance carpenter at Mount Buffalo Chalet in 1952. He was employed by the Victorian Railways, but in those days they owned and ran the Chalet. I guess that explains the holiday posters I used to see on the Red Rattlers.

He was 21 and had just hooked up with a hot waitress who also worked there. That turned out to be an important event in my life because he married her a few years later and they produced some amazing offspring and, equally importantly, an amazing marriage which is going to clock over sixty years soon.

There’s something magical about peering into this monochromatic time portal at a bunch of kids just starting out in their adult life – they are younger than any of my biological kids in these photos. Even more spooky is Mum and Dad popping out of the photos and realising that the glint in Dad’s eye is my own genesis.

These are scans from sepia prints, some of which are quite small. If you click on the picture you’ll get a full size version which brings up some detail which is hard to see even in the original prints.

The captions are Dad’s.

Scan 1

Opening the roof over the Chalet Kitchen for new bain-maries and stoves. June 1952

Scan 6

Back Row: Myself (Edgar (Ted) Slinger, Shirley Rudland, Les Merton, Yvonne ?, painter ?, Gordon Day. Front Row: Painter ?, Ray Castles, Flora Struthers, Peggy Finnigan.

Scan 4

Shirley Rudland, who I married 60 years ago, beside the “new” Commer bus.


Outside the stables. From left: Yvonne (?), Flora Struthers, Shirley Rudland


Scan 2

Railway tradesmen. Carpenters, plumbers, painters, tilers, and labourers. Photo taken at Echo Point, June 1952. Third from left: Les Merton, plumber. Back row right of door, myself, carpenter. Back row left of window, Allan Coulson, carpenter. Extreme right, engineer. Third from right, Leslie Brush, foreman carpenter.

Scan 3

From left: Flora Struthers, waitress. Gordon Day, plumber. Front row: Peggy Finnigan, waitress. Shirley Rudland, waitress. Irene (?), waitress. Jessy (?) , waitress.

Scan 5

Staircase to female staff quarters. Top left: Violet Rudland (Shirley’s mother), Bottom left: Annie (?), Bottom right: Shirley Rudland

Scan 7

Short man on the left: Frank, commissioner. Flora Struthers, bloke in charge of the boilers, Shirley Rudland, Peggy Finnegan.

Scan 8

V.I.A. Hut. Slept four. Built next to Pigeon Rock. From left: Gordon Day, ?, Ray Castles, Shirley Rudland.

Scan 9

Left: Les Merton. Peggy Finnegan, Flora Struthers, Gordon Day, Yvonne Front seated: Shirley Rudland, Standing second row: Violet Rudland

Scan 10

Outside the stables. Yvonne and Shirley

Scan 11

Violet Rudland, Anne, Peggy Finnegan

Scan 12

Irene, Flora, Jessy

Scan 13

On horseback: Annie. Shirley Rudland, Flora Struthers.

Scan 14

Shirley Rudland, Flora Struthers.

Scan 15

Leslie Brush, Ray Castles, Les Merton, Gordon Day

5 thoughts on “Mount Buffalo Chalet – 1952

  1. Antron Argaiv

    I took two holidays at the Chalet with my brother and my mum in 1963/64. I remember going on walks with Bill Marriott, the bus that had been crushed by a falling boulder parked around the back, in which we loved to play, and the delicious passionfruit ice cream milkshakes, which we got if we had been good. I still have a small embroidered Mt Buffalo patch somewhere in my dresser drawers.

    Thanks for the photos


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