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Microsoft still don’t get it, do they…

I made a reluctant expedition into the Microsoft jungle this evening because my ISP suggested one of my PCs might be infected with a virus. They suggested checking with Microsoft Security Essentials.

This is the download page.



I can only guess they are offering me the choice of a 32 or 64 bit version but what the hell is the average punter supposed to make of that?

It’s 2013 for god’s sake. Haven’t they learned anything about user experience? Anything?

So, nothing to see here. Time to retreat to the sane world as quickly as possible.

Death and (Microsoft) Taxes

So maybe this is how Microsoft fades out of the OS scene one day? Manufacturers get sick of paying the Microsoft Tax. More and more Android apps start to suit a desktop. Gradually Android infiltrates the desktop market and Windows fades into irrelevance.

Could happen. It’s hard to fight against an OS that is free.

Yeah, it could happen, but don’t sell your Microsoft shares yet. The industry graveyard is littered with the dusty headstones of Windows wannabes that died at birth. (R.I.P. HP New Wave).

And maybe Microsoft doesn’t even care if Android flourishes? It’s been estimated that they will reap $1.5-3.5 billion in royalties this year from licensing agreements with Android manufacturers. That’s more than their entire Entertainment and Devices Division!  And they didn’t have to deal with a single overheating, Red Ring Of Death XBox to earn it. Just needed a big enough wheelbarrow to collect the cheques from the mailbox.

Nice business model.

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